Geometric & Irregular… The Hottest New Jewelry Trend

Straight, clean lines, elegant curves and spirals... geometric jewelry pieces although simple in looks are both stylish and modern. Some are chunky and can give a twist to your basic looks and convert in to a style statement.

If you are one who likes t-shirts and denims, then a pair of bold geometric earrings will help you to make your basics more interesting.

Geometric dangling earrings for a perky look

If you like earrings that gently sway around as you walk or brush your shoulders just a tad bit then these dangle earrings will definitely make your day. And their simple design make them a great pair-up with any type of an outfit your choose.

Try them with a tank top and you will see the change right away. Your simple tank top will transform into a very chic, sexy and trendy top that you can pair with jeans, shorts or skirts. For a snugly wear you can style your dangle geometric earrings with ballerinas or sandals. You can also dress them up with a pair of attractive heels.

Geometric Party Dangle Earrings for that Evening Look

Ditch those old-school styles and stand apart in a crowd with these unique and trendy geometric danglers.

Minimalist Geometric Earrings for every occasion

If you love style but are not one who likes going all out… give these minimalist geometric earrings a try. You can also stack them up with other earrings if you like this look or simply have many piercings.

Their delicateness allows you to style them the way you like without giving in to the vibe of the earrings themselves. They are perfect if you are a working lady or have to attend an event, or just for a casual move.

Geometric Studs for a Chic Look

Timeless and a must have for any season, studs are the perfect match-up for a formal or elegant attire. Geometric studs are what everyone is talking about. They can embellished with sparkling rhinestones or have a matte and classic simple look, they are just the thing for everyday wear.

Delicate Geometric Earrings for a Subtle Style

If you happen to love delicate earrings then these are right for you. Many women prefer to accessorize their looks in a more delicate way so they can stay comfortable, yet trendy and stylish.


- Neha Sharma


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Do u deliver jewelry to pakistan.i mean is here any of its branch.So I can order Sony piece



great quality at good price !!! the collections and designs are just awe!!!! Waiting to shop more in future. Thanks Neshe

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