Brooches & Pins. My Personal Adornment… My Style Statement.

Oh! I wore this black dress to the party with friends last week too; or Should I buy a new blazer for the Monday presentation; or What earring or necklace shall I wear to the Saturday candle light dinner?

Ever been here? I am sure all of us have had to deal with it more than once. Often, our wardrobes may let us down or simply run out of the new, putting us in a fix of what to wear for that special occasion or how to look apart. Well, worry not, the Brooch and the Pin are here to the rescue. These expressive little adornments could be the perfect answer to these daunting questions.

Brooches and pins are neither a recent trend nor a fad that will go away anytime soon. They’ve been around for ages, always adding that personal touch to your ensemble. I remember my grandmother and my aunts embellishing their sarees with beautiful sarees pins- a blend of meenakari (enamel) and pearls or sparkling crystals. These shiny little trinkets often succeed in drawing our attention off the exquisitely draped saree and becoming the highlight of your attire. This ever so popular saree pin has over the years, seen a transition and is now back in its new avatar as the Brooch pin.

From Queens and Duchesses… to modern day urban women, many carry this style to add character to their attire and more so as an expression of their self and their personality.

Here are some reasons why we think you should team up the Brooch with your favorite dress-

Add characterization to our attire: If you are a nature lover, a flower pin or a bird brooch will be just right.

Stop Overthinking: Bought a dress with high neck or high collar and confused what jewelry to wear; the brooch or the pin will do wonders.

Re-use: Bought a solid color dress and it’s your favourite but don’t want to repeat it. Splash in some newness with a stylish Brooch. They will surely ask you when you bought that new dress.

Weekend Super Hero: Have a Halloween theme party to go to, but don’t have a matching dress and you don’t want to overdo with a costume. The brooch is our Hero. Less expensive than a dress yet stylish and your weekend savior.

Here are some picks of your favorite Brooches and Pins from Neshe.


Neha Sharma

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